Selling Your Estate


The liquidating of an estate is a very overwhelming task. It usually takes place at a tough time when your loved one either dies or is going to a nursing home. Sometimes the vast amount of estate items is simply too much for most people to deal with. There are also situations where people have all sorts of collections such as stamps, coins, guns, swords, military memorabilia, figurines, art, paintings, sculptures, antiques, silver/gold jewelry, diamond jewelry, watches, clocks, sports memorabilia and so on. Most people who are in a predicament of liquidating an estate have no idea of its actual value.

Often we hear stories from friends or even on TV that someone bought an heirloom at a yard sale for a couple of bucks or worst yet it was found thrown away at the side of the road. On the other hand, some people think that they have a high-end estate and store these items until they have time to deal with it, usually for long periods. Sadly, when they decide it is time to liquidate because storage bills are getting into thousands of dollars it turns out that they have a bunch of useless items and all the storage money was spent needlessly.

Here at Tecumseh Estate Services/ we can maximize your proceeds from liquidating your estate and by helping you decide what venue is best to sell your stuff. We deal with local and out of town live auctioneers, we also have our online auction platform that gets visited by thousands each month, we can manage an on-site sale, or we can simply purchase your entire estate outright or pick only selected items.

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